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The everyday culture of the “Second World”, the countries behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet dominated sphere forms in its “other modernity” in the recent past a source of an intensive revival and retro culture.

These practices spanning from more or less official museums over souvenirs and experience offers to trendy bars in former Eastern Block airline offices (see: or dj’s playing Polish jazz fusion from 1970’s (Big Band Katowice do play Keith Jarrett really well! ) forms a very interesting field of popular and aesthetiziced cultural memory that I will describe in future articles.

First coming will be an article on the museum culture around the GDR everyday culture in Danske Museer (

Here, I will share some examples of the internet-based exhibition and revival culture around the GDR.

Mural in Marzahn, Berlin. From

Alltagsspuren ( is a project by a Dr. René Zimmer to present and collect traces of the bygone state in the everyday surroundings. This has produced photo galleries of murals, memorials and signs and a detailed description of the trace of the month, “Alltagsspur des Monats”.

Postcard from 1967. DDR Postkarten Museum.

A very profound and serious affair that deserves the title “web-based museum” is the DDR Postkarten Museum ( The collection includes motifs from even the smallest cities and everything is neatly archived and described.

For more specific topics of the material culture of this strange land, a site is dedicated to the “Plaste und Elaste aus Schkopau” the production of the chemical factory VEB Buna:

A calendar from a another time.

Finally, an intruduction to Wattfrass, Korbine Früchtchen and the other characters from the “Frösi” childrens magazine – a tool to create the citizens in the Peasants and Workers State, as they called it:

Wattfrass could get a comeback in climate conscious present.

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